Sports In The Natural State

So you moved to Arkansas?! How did that happen?! Just kidding, we all know, and all of us “smart marks” have a healthy appreciation and awe of what all comes with being home to the largest retailer on planet Earth. Getting to meet people from around the world is one of the sweetest parts of the deal and that influx of professionals has fueled a myriad of local small businesses, including mine as a musician. As locals, we understand that by bringing people from all over the world, Wal Mart has given us opportunities to grow without having to move to a big city. All of this is exciting, but undoubtedly the most exciting part is this privileged opportunity I have to catch you up on the most fun, most exciting, and most painfully predictable group of collegiate sports programs existing under the radar and frequently under the poverty line. Welcome to Sports in the Natural State!

Being a state with no professional sports team, the natural team to follow is the state’s flagship program, the Arkansas Razorbacks. And let me tell you, I have A LOT to tell you about our beloved Hogs. As a legacy of the program myself and a graduate of the university, I can safely say I bleed Razorback Red and was able to prove it on several occasions during my time in college. I can safely say that no one yelled louder or cared more than I did during the years of 2003-2012, at least not in my seating section. Naturally, there’s a reason why it stopped in 2012; it’s a story I can’t wait to tell you.

Here in Arkansas, it’s all about the story, and we have tons of them. Stories teach us lessons in the most entertaining way, and as Hog fans, we learn ours almost every year. We keep coming back because win or lose, the Hogs really know how to tell a story.

Of course, not all the action happens on the breathing postcard that is the University of Arkansas Campus in Fayetteville known as “The Hill,” and this column will be no different. I’ll fill you in and keep you posted on all the programs that call Arkansas home. Arkansas State in Jonesboro, UCA in Conway, the University of Arkansas Little Rock (UALR) and others have made splashes on the national scene to go along with their interesting personal stories. High School sports can create good stories as well and you’ll get a good dose of those here.

So welcome to a truly unique sports column, written by one of the state’s most seasoned fanatics, and created for you, the implant who asks, “why should I care about Arkansas sports?” There are lots of places to get the news, but this is your go-to-spot for the news plus the story that goes along with it. Time to party and thank you for reading!

Ken McClary

Ken McClary is a local web developer, online marketing guru, and one of the most known food bloggers in Northwest Arkansas. He started in 2014 along with several Northwest Arkansas focused blogs and social media sites. The Network reaches thousands of local readers every day and in 2021 reached over 1/3 of the population in NWA with his content. | Google "Ken McClary" for more info!