Discover Meteor Guitar Gallery: A Premier Music Venue in Northwest Arkansas


Nestled in the heart of Downtown Bentonville, Meteor Guitar Gallery stands as a pivotal cornerstone of the Northwest Arkansas music venues. This historic spot captivates music lovers with its rich sounds and vibrant atmosphere, establishing it as a premier destination for anyone seeking live performances and cultural engagement.

History and Atmosphere of Meteor Guitar Gallery

Constructed in the 1920s, Meteor Guitar Gallery has evolved from a classic movie theater into a dynamic live music venue. It retains its historic charm with original brick walls and a vintage marquee, complemented by modern sound and lighting systems. This fusion of the old and new creates an inviting atmosphere that resonates deeply with artists and audiences alike, making it a highlight among Northwest Arkansas music venues.

Events and Offerings

Meteor Guitar Gallery showcases a diverse array of musical genres and cultural events, distinguishing itself in the Northwest Arkansas music scene. From rock concerts and jazz sessions to art exhibitions and private events, the venue caters to every taste. Its fully equipped bar serves up local brews and cocktails, enhancing the social and sensory experience at every gathering.

Why Visit Meteor Guitar Gallery?

Meteor Guitar Gallery is more than just a music venue; it’s a community hub where artists and audiences unite over their shared love of culture. Whether you’re there to enjoy a local band, participate in an art show, or simply soak in the eclectic atmosphere, Meteor provides an unmatched experience. Supporting this local gem helps sustain Bentonville’s vibrant music scene.

Ken McClary: Local Music Contributor

Ken McClary is recognized in the Bentonville music community primarily for his role with the Media Network, and for contributing to and Through these platforms, he shares updates about local music events, including those at Meteor Guitar Gallery, helping to keep the community informed and engaged. His involvement enhances visibility for these events, supporting broader awareness without directly influencing the operational success of the venues.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through Bentonville, a night out at Meteor Guitar Gallery promises to be unforgettable. Check out their calendar of upcoming events and join the thriving community of music lovers who consider Meteor a beloved hotspot. Don’t miss experiencing the best of local music and culture — see you at Meteor!

Ken McClary

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