Dear Darla Ghost Sighting Picture at Monte Ne

After reading an article about the local legend Dear Darla the ghost of Monte Ne One our local subscribers, Amanda Eldridge, sent in a photo. She believes it is the ghost of Darla Johnson aka Dear Darla. At first we did not see her but after running the image through night vision software you won’t believe what we found!

Normal Image

Night Vision

We asked Amanda what happened on the day she took this picture and here is what she said.

“My family and I just got done eating at Monte Ne Chicken for my mothers birthday and it was when the lake was SUPER low so we wanted to see the ruins above water. I have never been there so this was my first time. What’s even weirder is mine and my sisters name was painted in red on the side of one of the buildings. And which my name Amanda is fairly common, My sisters is not, Jayma.”

This is just one of numerous reports we have received about Dear Darla but this is the only on that included pictures. Please feel free to share your story with us.

Ken McClary

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